Kylie Kuhlman, School Social Worker at MNCS, has spent her summer getting outdoors as much as possible with her family. Highlights include playing with her kids and dogs, hiking, camping, and expanding her flower and vegetable garden.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Kylie summer happenings
What are some of the things Aaron Grimm did this summer? Aaron went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness twice during the month of July. He also painted his house and stained his deck.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Camp at BWCA
Rainbow at BWCA
Campfire at BWCA
Bloodmobile is at MNCS High School on Friday 8/21/2020 210 Main Street, Henderson, MN 56044 Visit their site to set up a time to donate:
almost 2 years ago, Nancy Pfarr
Give Blood
Summer trip to Wyoming for the Reinitz Family!
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Fish, is what’s for dinner!
Mountain biking
Day of hiking
Let's welcome MNCS new team member! Cassie is very excited to join MNSC. She earned her M.S. in Counseling from Concordia University Wisconsin in 2007. Cassie enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and doing anything outdoors. She is thrilled to be working with the wonderful students, staff and families of MNCS.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Cassie Vogt
Let's give a warm welcome to Lisa, we are so excited to have her join our "E" Team! My name is Lisa Dorow and I'm the new Interventionist/Title I Advisor. I am excited to be part of the MNCS staff and getting to know the students, families, and community. I'm a graduate of Fairmont High School, South Dakota State University, and Bemidji State University. As you can tell, I love LEARNING!! I am relocating back to the St. Peter area with my husband, Jonathan, and our 4 children (Alex, Ian, Joe, & Dru). In our spare time, we love doing arts and crafts, exploring, kayaking, trying new foods, & learning new things. I look forward to supporting MNCS students and families throughout the year.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Lisa Dorow
Look what Paula’s been up to this summer! Our summer has been busy but laid back. Lots of camping and fishing, our home away from home at the campground. Our new puppy has been a joy and keeps us busy, he’s a real cuddle bug. I’ve been helping my daughter with wedding things, praying for a beautiful day and that we don’t have to resort to Plan C. I also painted my sons new house for him, so proud of him. We have missed or family and friends but are staying safe by social distancing as much as possible.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Camping fun
Princess with Prince
Helping with a remodel
Ashland caught a big/little fish!
Welcome to MNCS Website. Feel free to navigate (float around) and explore! You can also download the NEW APP! on your mobile by searching for: "Minnesota New Country School"
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Cool School Frog
. We are delighted to be launching our new website and mobile app. The website will be a go to place for parents and students when it comes to information on both the School in our District. We are also launching our new mobile app and we uploaded instructions for your convince. This will allow us communicate dynamically with parents and students keeping everyone uptodate with everything that is happening at MNCS. If you have any questions or suggestions contact: Joan Skelly [email protected]
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App instructions
Danielle’s Trip to the great North Shore! Hi everyone! My family and I recently spent some time on the North Shore. This is an almost sunset shot in Duluth. We stayed on the point- the other side of the Aerial Lift Bridge. It was neat because you had to be in tune to when ships are entering the harbor so that you don't get stuck on one side and all night long we heard clanging ship was a maritime experience and adventure. Another part I love is driving up the coast and stopping at small rocky beaches and rock hunting. The lake was so cold it turns your feet numb! I love the color, intensity and vastness of Lake Superior. I've been going there since I was a kid, and when I get that first view of it coming into town my heart goes crazy. It was challenging traveling during a pandemic, but we Minnesotans are lucky that we have some gorgeous outdoors! So get out there!
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Nancy Pfarr, Business Manager at MNCS, has had a busy summer working. But got away for a much needed week long vacation with family to Sunset Bay Resort in Hackensack, MN. The weather was perfect, and the fishing was spectacular with big bass in abundance that were exciting to reel in. The sunsets were amazingly beautiful each night, and birthdays were celebrated with a crazy "wig party" and everyone had a great week at the lake.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Nancy’s summer vacation
Throwback Thursday.- Somethings you never forget!
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Ole and Lena
Santa’s helper
Santa helper
Dress up day
MNCS Elem. Staff, Miss Karen - what is she up to this summer? Enjoying my "stay-cation" by photographing the wildlife in my own backyard!
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Photo of a albino squirl taken by Karen, MNCS Staff.
Photo taken by Karen, MNCS Staff
Let’s give a shout out to Carrie Rice and her new role at MNCS. Carrie Rice is not new to MNCS. Her husband David taught here for fifteen years and she has worked as a paraprofessional at the elementary and the high school the last several years. Just prior to moving to Henderson three years ago, Carrie left a 20+ career in government relations in the telecommunications industry. She is so looking forward to her new career as an Advisor at the high school helping young people discover a passion for teaching themselves new things! Carrie and David share their Henderson home with two dogs, two cats and a multitude of plants. She loves to cook and entertain friends and speaks French. All of the above is true, but since New Countrians love a good round of Two Truths and a Lie, see if you can guess the falsehood: Carrie has lived with a cat in her life since she was five. At one point, Carrie had six dogs under her roof Carrie once had an Appaloosa named Gizmo
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Carrie Rice new role as an advisor at MNCS Secondary.
Check this out! This summer MNCS Student Miles, is learning how to ride a unicycle!
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Miles learning to unicycle!
Miles learning to unicycle!
Let’s give Nick Ryan a “woot woot” I'm excited to be moving back into an advisor role for this coming school year! I'll still be attempting to keep our technology running and managing our assessments as well. My summer has been fun so far. I took my two kids to the BWCA for the first time, the bugs and weather were very forgiving and everyone had a blast! With trail races cancelled it's been hard to stay motivated to run, so this past weekend I ran 40 1 mile laps around my neighborhood as part of a last runner standing event. I wasn't the last runner standing, but it was still fun. It takes a lot of pringles to run 40 miles! Today is also National System Administrator Appreciation Day! At MNCS If technical issues are at a stall, Nick Ryan is there to answer that call.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
BWCA with the kidos
This is what you do after you run like Forrest!
Throwback Thursday Summertime calendar is usually filled with town events, parades and social gatherings. Many event have been canceled, this summer is definitely different! What is your favorite event that has been canceled this summer?
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Who’s the hairy man in the back?!?
Summertime Funtime
Best parade crew!
Summertime Parades
Jennifer Brunick, advisor and reading specialist is working hard this summer prepping for the fall! In her spare time she loves, you guessed it, reading!! (Staying home to stay safe is a good thing for a voracious reader like Jenn!) She also likes spending time with her family and her cat, Mr. Vavrek. Her husband Michael works at WisPak in Mankato, her oldest son is planning his wedding, her daughter is in college, and her youngest son is in high school.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Jennifer’s cat
Jennifer B.
Paula staff member at MNCS Elementary is keeping busy this summer! She has been doing a lot of camping and they just got got this new (cute, adorable, squish-able) puppy, Prince Deku.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Prince Duke
Jake spent most of June as a resident artist at a wood fire workshop in northern Wisconsin. Cutting ten cords of fire wood for the kiln, and Glazing pottery. Check out previous post of Jake loading the anagama wood kiln, some of his finished pottery, and a beautiful sunset at Bayfield, WI.
almost 2 years ago, Joan Skelly
Glazing pottery
Cutting wood for the kiln.