MNCS Title

Outreach Department

The mission of the Outreach Department is to provide accurate and timely information to staff, faculty and community members regarding Minnesota New Country School while also sharing stories of what it truly means to be a student at MNCS.

School communication (i.e. flyer or promotional material requests), data requests, press/media inquiries and other items should be emailed direct to Joan Skelly [email protected]

The Outreach Department is also happy to help promote a school or approved community event. Please email Joan Skelly at the above email to submit a request. Remember to include the following event information in your request to expedite the process:

  • Event name and description

  • Lead organization and any sponsoring partners

  • Main contact email and phone

  • Date, time and location of event

  • Attendance guidelines

  • Any images or marketing materials that have been created - translated materials.

Please note that district policies and guidelines will apply to all requests.

For all media requests and inquiries, please contact Joan Skelly, Public Relations Coordinator, and Educational Events Coordinator at :  [email protected]