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Presentation Night October 14th at 6:00 pm

For both facilities, MNCS is doing everything possible to maintain that our school communities remain safe and healthy and therefore we want to remind you that all staff, students, and family members aged 2 and older, must wear a mask within our buildings for the event. Disposable masks are available at both the elementary and the high school buildings. We also ask and appreciate understanding with no students staying after school this year, but welcome and invite students and families to come back at 6pm for the start of the event! Additionally, even though we understand the excitement with showing the projects and work your child(ren) have created this school year, we need to ask that the audience be limited to immediate family only.

Poem Contest - Teens in 6th through 12th grades, submit your best fall-themed free verse poem to the library's young adult poetry contest! Your poem should be an original piece of work created by you. First and second place winners will be chosen for two categories- middle school and high schools and will be awarded a $25 gift card. Submit your poem to [email protected] by Oct. 15th!

NO SCHOOL OCTOBER 18th-22nd - Parent/Teacher Conference & Staff Development.

Picture Day is Coming!!

Lifetouch will be here on 11-9-21 for both sites - Elementary (in the morning) and High School (in the late morning/early afternoon).

ELEMENTARY Flyer/Order Form:

Lifetouch Order Form Elementary

HIGH SCHOOL Flyer/Order Form:

Lifetouch Order Form High School

Picture Retakes are on 12/14/21



Student Teacher Seminar & Classes

Legendary Cultures - (Oct 4-14) We will be discussing what culture is, what makes a culture legendary, and be looking into some of the Legendary Cultures. For the Legendary Cultures we will be going through their history, food, people, governmental systems, and more. Students, sign up in the "Experience Classroom"

Science and Motion - (Oct 4-14) -Eight day course on the study of motion. We will be focusing on movement in one direction. Need at least Algebra 1 to participate or permission from advisor. Will have lots of fun with activities using moving objects. Students, sign up in the "Experience Classroom"

DNA Discovery - What Makes What Makes us? (Oct 11-14) - You've probably heard about DNA before, perhaps in a movie or a sci-fi tv show. You may have even heard that DNA is the building block of life! However, what exactly is DNA? Where did the idea of DNA come from? When was it discovered? Who discovered it? What did we think before we discovered it? If you're curious about the answers to these questions, sign up for this course, where we will be exploring all of them and more.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Geocaching at 7 Mile Park - We will spend the day finding, and adding to, established Geocaches at 7 Mile Park. Dress for the weather, bring water to drink, wear adequate footwear for hiking, and expect to spend a lot of time walking in the woods. Lunch will be provided (Hot Dogs and Chips). Students the sign up is in the Experience Days Doc.

Myth-Making and JRR Tolkien - Most of us have heard about The Lord of the Rings, but have you ever wondered what influenced the author to create these modern-day myths? This Friday, join me as we examine the backstory behind the legend of Middle Earth. We’ll discuss famous myths from ancient and contemporary cultures, delve into a biographical overview of the author, J.R.R. Tolkien, dig into one of his books, The Hobbit, and finally, cap the day off by watching the movie Tolkien. Students the sign up is in the Experience Days Classroom.

LEGO Masters Build Challenge - If you enjoy LEGO and LEGO Masters then this is the experience for you. We will be watching some of the LEGO Masters show as well as some special extra footage from Caleb and Jacob. You will get the chance to test out your abilities in some building challenges that will be judged by LEGO Masters competitor, Caleb himself. He will also give some building tips and tricks along the way. Students, the sign up is in the Experience Days Classroom

Endangered Species- Nature Documentary Day- Watch a few documentaries and participate in discussion around the topic of endangered species. We will learn about why some speciesare endangered, how organizations are working to ensure their continued survival, and why that is important. Student's the sign up is in the Experience Days Classroom.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Rigorous Hiking - Looking to test yourself a little physically? We will be seeing how much trail we can cover on a hike during the school day. Sturdy, comfortable footwear, a positive attitude, and some grit. Be prepared for fast walking on trail for an extended period of time. There is no charge for this experience. Students, sign up in the "Experience Classroom" Lunch will be provided or bring your own bag lunch.

Ghost Hunting with author Adrian Lee - will travel to Morton, Minnesota where international author Adrian Lee (check out his book in our library) will give us a tour of the Renville County Historical Society (Adrian always knows the juicy back-story!).  After lunch we will head out to the site where one of the deadliest events on the US-Dakota War took place - Birch Coulee.  Cost is $13 to secure your spot you can pay online with a credit card or debit or pay Joan with cash or a check. 

Shibori Workshop - Shibori is the ancient Japanese form of resist dyeing that creates beautiful designs and patterns. In this workshop you will learn a handful of traditional and contemporary shibori techniques. Students participating in this workshop will need to bring 1-2 pieces from home to dye with natural indigo. It is important for these pieces to be made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc.). The cost is $10.00 Online Payment is avaiable or you can pay Joan with cash or check to secure your spot.

Friday, November 5, 2021

La Vie Francaise, oooh la la! - What is a French teenagers day like?  What are some funny expressions in French you can wow your friends with?  Spend the day learning the French language and culture in small workshops held at the Alliance Francaise in downtown Minneapolis. The cost is $10 (includes lunch) Online payment is available or pay Joan with a check or cash.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Potekglass - Glass Blowing and Fusing - Visit our studio and learn from a working artist. Gain insight into craftsmanship, geometry and focus from local artist Malcom Potek. Malcom has spent the past 26 years as a glass artist. 

  • Hot glass demos

  • Torch practice for each participant

  • Studio tour

  • Student participation and small keepsake 

We recommend all our students wear non-synthetic clothing, such as cotton, and closed-toe shoes. Every student will have to sign a liability waiver at the facility prior to the start of class. 
Bring a bag lunch or money to purchase one.
The cost is $10 to secure your spot you can
pay online or you can pay Joan with cash or check.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Minnesota Zoo

Check out the MN Zoo! We will participate in a zoo exhibit development session and spend the day walking the zoo to learn about all the amazing species they have - right here in MN.

Complete the scavenger hunt assignment and participate in the zoo exhibit development session to earn 0.1 credits. Students in grades 9-12 will earn Life Science Standards if all assignments are completed. Students, sign-up is in the Experience Days Classroom.

Experience Day Ideas? We want to hear your suggestions for submit ideas here

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The Career Corner Newsletters are a great way to learn about many different types of careers. Check out careers and educational opportunities available.  Read about skills learned in school that help prepare students for the workforce. Watch a short video about Vocational Rehabilitation Services and how they help students with disabilities plan the journey from school to what comes next.

Check Out These Career Corner Newsletters!

Post-secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is a program that allows 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students to earn both high school and college credit while still in high school, through enrollment in and successful completion of college courses at eligible participating post-secondary institutions. For more information click here

Planning to do PSEO Next Year? Or are you just curious what PSEO is all about and how it works at MNCS?

For more information about PSEO and College and Career Planning, click here or email Nichole Kotasek, the MNCS PSEO coordinator


MNCS Online Store

MNCS Online Store

MNCS Masks are available for purchase through our online store. Your student will be able to pick up the order at MNCS High School. Shipping is available for an extra fee. Available in Youth and Adult sizes MNCS Online Store

2020-2021 Yearbook - MNCS 2020 "High School" Yearbook! Pick up a copy from Nancy, Joan or Reta Cost is $15 You can pay with check (made out to MNCS) or on Square online payment: Square-up Online Payment


The Lions Club has a recycle collection box outside of MNCS. They are collecting plastic shopping bags (Target, Walmart etc.), there is a list on the outside of the white box. 

They have 5 months to reach their goal, once reached they will get a “By the Yard” bench to be able to place it in town. 

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