Hybrid Learning Students 7-12 Grade - 2 days a week.

MNCS Grades 7-12 Families,

We are excited to inform you that beginning on Monday, March 15th, Grades 7-12, students who have opted for hybrid learning will be able to come to school two days per week. It’s been an interesting year, and we’re happy to be making another step towards a return to normal! 

Students will come to school in person based on their advisory, and will be on either an every Monday-Tuesday or every Wednesday-Thursday schedule. The schedule will be:

 Monday-Tuesday Advisories: Anthony, Cory, Carrie, Jenn, Jake

 Wednesday-Thursday Advisories: Jim, Nichole, Paul, Nick

Transportation schedules will remain the same for all days. All other COVID-19 precautions will remain in place including required masks, 6 feet of physical distance, quarantine for travel, etc. 

We still have some details to work out on our end, but we wanted to let you know as soon as possible; the 15th of March is rapidly approaching. 

We looked at options for trying to bring students in more than two days a week, but given the limitations of physical spacing in our atrium and on our busses we are unable to accommodate the number of students who want to come in. If distancing requirements change we will revisit the situation at that time.

 Please direct any questions to either the COVID Coordinator team at covid19@newcountryschool.com, or contact your student’s advisor.

On behalf of the MNCS Return to Learn Team, Nick Ryan