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MNCS Vision & Mission


Students at the Minnesota New Country School grow to reach their full potential as:

  • Purposeful Thinkers, who understand, apply, analyze, and evaluate creatively and independently;

  • Effective Communicators, who receive and convey meaning and messages successfully;

  • Lifelong Learners, who take joy and discovery in invention and direct their own learning;

  • Responsible Citizens who contribute effectively to their communities; and

  • Empathetic and Appreciative Individuals toward themselves, others, and the environment.

The staff of the Minnesota New Country School model the focus and assess the progress of students and the school itself through regular self-reflection, school-wide assessment, and on-going planning for continuous improvement of programming, instruction, collaboration, and opportunities to serve the goals, the mission, the students, the communities, and the future more effectively.


The mission is to guide students toward self-actualization. To achieve that mission, MNCS will leverage the power of purposeful relationships, community, student-led project-based learning, and experiential education.

To facilitate that growth, learning opportunities at MNCS shall emphasize “Exploring the World Through Project-Based Learning,” characterized by:

  • Project-Based Learning:

    • Experiential learning in the Minnesota River Valley setting. We strive to be a national leader and advocate for individualized and student-led project-based learning;

  • Essential Skills, Knowledge, Understanding, and Application:

    • Reading, writing, science, history, citizenship, economics, math, and the arts in a joyful, active, and challenging environment;

  • Individualization:

    • Personalized Learning Plans in a small school with small class settings;

  • Responsible and Effective Technology Use

    • Emphasizing the latest technologies;

  • Community and Family:

    • Creating and maintaining a safe, positive community atmosphere. Embracing the family unit with family participation a regular part of the student’s school career; and

  • Personal Goal-Setting and Skills for Living Responsibly:

    • Emphasizing continuous progress toward physical, emotional, and mental health.