Wednesday, December 2nd - Shift into Distance Learning

Shift into Distance Learning beginning on Wednesday, December 2nd

To our MNCS Families, from your MNCS Return To Learn (MRTL) and Covid-Coordinators Teams:

As our COVID adventure continues, we have an announcement that will affect our MNCS community. We do all of this planning keeping in mind everyone’s safety, fully considering our students, staff and families. We understand how much this will change our lives for the time being, but this decision was made as a team. Our love and support for our students and families cannot be overstated.

MINNESOTA NEW COUNTRY SCHOOL (MNCS) WILL BE SHIFTING OUR LEARNING MODEL TO "DISTANCE LEARNING" FOR ALL GRADES K-12 STARTING ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2ND AND GOING THROUGH FRIDAY, JANUARY 15TH. WE PLAN TO RETURN TO HYBRID LEARNING ON MONDAY, JANUARY 18TH IF PUBLIC HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS ALLOW US TO DO SO. This decision was made in light of the substantial, uncontrolled transmission of Covid-19 and an increase in case counts occurring at our county, regional, and state level. We also took into consideration increased exposure over the upcoming holiday season.

Important MNCS schedule and date changes of note:

Monday, Nov 16th through Friday, Nov 20th --- School schedule stays the same; school in session for K-12 as usual.

Monday, Nov 23rd through Wednesday, Nov 25th --- School schedule stays the same; school in session for K-12 as usual, with Early Release Day as scheduled for Wed, Nov 25th.

Thursday, Nov 26th through Sunday, Nov 29th --- No school for K-12 for Thanksgiving Break.

Monday, Nov 30th and Tuesday, Dec 1st --- **CHANGE** No school for K-12; planning days for staff.

Wednesday, December 2nd through Friday, January 15th --- **CHANGE** All grades K-12 move into Distance Learning.

Monday, January 18th --- Plan for K-12 to return to "hybrid learning" if public health recommendations allow.

Moving into this plan, we wish the MNCS community safety and well-being as we move further into the 2020-21 school year. Know that we are partners in your child’s education no matter what learning model we find ourselves in. As our staff continues to make new plans, outreach efforts, and communications during this upcoming distance learning period, please continue to check your email for new updates. Questions can be directed to and thank you, as always, for your continued support. We’ll get through this, together.

The MNCS Return To Learn Team (MRTL) and Covid-Coordinators Team