MNCS Title

Outreach/Project Based Learning Team

MNCS PBL Team explores research and resources to deepen our PBL experience. The PBL team strives to keep MNCS centered on personalized and project based learning. We do this through professional development of MNCS staff so they can help students produce quality project work. We also aim to help other educators take up this pedagogy in their environments in order to further student intrinsic motivation.

MNCS Outreach Team - Supports a variety of internal and external communication efforts for the district. Our goal is to provide accurate and timely information about our school, our students, events and our district to the community, the staff and the news media. We work hard to establish positive relationships with parents and the surrounding community.

For all media requests and inquiries, please contact Joan Skelly, Public Relations Coordinator, and Educational Events Coordinator at 507-248-3353 x0 or [email protected]

PBL Team Lead: Paul Jaeger [email protected]

Outreach Team Lead: Joan Skelly [email protected]

Team Members:

Mary Traxler [email protected]

Danielle Gustafson [email protected]

Karen Swenson [email protected]

Adam Herd [email protected]

Aaron Grimm [email protected]

Paula Dhaene [email protected]

Dean Lind [email protected]