Covid 19 Update

Greetings MNCS Families,

We’re sending out this email to provide some regular updates and current information about our school’s COVID status, and to cover some key reminders for everyone about sending your children to school in our current model. 

Thank you for continuing to monitor for symptoms, testing your children, and letting us know immediately about any COVID-19 situations as they arise: [email protected]. Cases are rising quickly nationwide, and are more prevalent in youth this time around. We’re hoping to be able to stay the course and finish the school year with some in-person learning, but it takes vigilance and caution from all of our community members to make sure that happens.

Our Week By the Numbers…(MDH data from 3/7-3/20/21)

Average County Case Rate

For the 5 counties we draw 

the most students from

Number  of Positive Cases 

MNCS Staff & Students

# of Students & Staff in contact/ Quarantine 

33/10,000 (rising)




At Home Saliva Testing Update - MDH and MDE continue to recommend that students who are coming to school on a regular basis get COVID tested every two weeks, and students showing any symptoms of COVID-19 should be tested as soon as possible. VAULT health has an easy online/at home saliva test that is convenient if you live close to a UPS drop site. If you do not live near a UPS drop site, your student may bring their completed saliva test kit to school and we will make sure UPS receives their sample ASAP. They can give their sealed sample bags to Jamie at the Elementary or Nick at the high school.

Vaccine Availability - As of March 30th, all Minnesotans age 16 and up are eligible to receive a vaccination, with priority still being given to certain populations. Sign up with the MN Vaccine Connector here to be contacted when a vaccine is available in your area.


Daily Health and Symptom Screening (MDH Infographic):

  • Please remember to continue daily health and symptom screening for students (and staff) before coming into the building. This is the number one way we can prevent a community outbreak and keep our students in schools.

  • Following quarantine requirements for close contacts and out of state travel is vital for us to continue in person learning. We understand it is inconvenient and appreciate the support. 

Covid 19 Testing for students and families (MDH Family Testing Link)

  • The department of health and MDE are recommending that students who are attending school in person get tested for COVID-19 every two weeks for the remainder of the school year. We want to emphasize that students are not required to do routine testing in order to come to school. 

Out of state travel quarantine requirements

  • If students travel out of state, there is a requirement to quarantine on their return. Quarantine can be 7 days, if tested on or after day 5 and the test is negative. Without testing, the length of quarantine is 10 days. For quarantine purposes, day one is considered to be the day after you arrive home.