Greetings MNCS Families,

We’re sending out this email to provide some regular updates and current information about our school’s COVID status, and to cover some key reminders for everyone about sending your children to school in our current model. 

While COVID case rates are still on the decline, it’s important to stay vigilant in keeping COVID out of school buildings so we can continue with hybrid learning over the coming weeks. 

By the Numbers...for the week ending on 2/19/21

Average County Case Rate

For the 5 counties we draw 

the most students from

Number  of Positive Cases 

MNCS Staff &Students

# of Students & Staff in Quarantine 

24/10,000 & trending down




Updates to the MDE Safe Learning Plan - Many of you are aware that MDE and MDH have updated the COVID Safe Learning Plan, with a push to have all schools offering either hybrid or in-person learning options for students by March 8th.

  • Both of our sites are currently offering hybrid learning, and are in alignment with the updated goals and mitigation strategies of the updated Safe Learning Plan.

  • We will not be making any immediate changes to our current learning model, but we are looking at ways to start bringing our 7-12 learners into school more than one time per week. We do have major limitations in our building layout and transportation systems that will limit how many students we can transport/have on site given the continued 7-12 grade social distancing requirements.

  • We will continue to update parents as soon as possible if we do make any changes to our learning model. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue through this challenging year.



Daily Health and Symptom Screening (MDH Infographic):

  • Please remember to continue daily health and symptom screening for students (and staff) before coming into the building. This is the number one way we can prevent a community outbreak and keep our students in schools.

  • Following quarantine requirements for close contacts and out of state travel is vital for us to continue in person learning. We understand it is inconvenient and appreciate the support. 

Covid Safety Practices in MNCS Buildings and Transportation (MDH Infographic):

  • Students and staff should practice some key behaviors when in MNCS buildings or on MNCS transportation. These include wearing face coverings properly, frequent handwashing and physical distancing.  

  • Let’s continue the good work to keep us all healthy and learning in person!