Grades 7-12 Return to Hybrid the week of February 8th

MNCS COVID 19: UPDATE(Dated 1.22.21)

Good Afternoon MNCS 7-12 Families, We are happy to inform you that our 7-12th grade students will be able to return to our Scenario 3 hybrid learning model after our February conference break.

We will return the week of February 8th, using the same scheduling we left in November:

  • Tuesdays: Anthony, Carrie, and Cory’s advisories

  • Wednesdays; Jenn, Jake, and Jim’s advisories 

  • Thursdays:  Paul, Nick, and Nichole’s advisories

All COVID safety protocols will remain in place, including masking and social distancing at all times in MNCS buildings and on all transportation and bussing.

 Many of you may have questions about why schools are able to return to hybrid learning while COVID cases in many local counties are still above 30 per 10,000. The Department of Health and MDE found that schools operating in hybrid modes were able to effectively limit the spread of COVID in school. While county case data remains an important thing for us to monitor, as long as we are not seeing COVID case transmission in our schools we are hoping to be able to remain in hybrid mode even if cases start to rise again. Should community cases rise dramatically, MDH will be advising us on if and when we might need to make another transition to distance learning only. 

Your continued cooperation to prevent the spread of COVID in our schools and communities is essential for us to return to hybrid learning, remain in hybrid learning, and ideally progress back towards a return to full in person learning, Students and staff will need to comply with masking and distancing requirements at all times, including on school buses.  Students who struggle to comply will need to be picked up and brought home. We know this is challenging, but maintaining a safe environment is not optional for us to return to any form of in person learning. 

It is also extremely important that families monitor for COVID symptoms daily, and keep children home from school if they are symptomatic or have possibly been exposed to a positive COVID case.  MDH Home Screening Tool

 We will continue to send more information home as we finalize plans for your students to return. Distance learning will continue to be an option for families who want to remain at home.

Please complete the survey below about your student’s intention to return to hybrid learning or continue with distance learning. We need accurate student numbers so we can manage spacing and transportation.

MNCS Secondary Student Learning Model Survey Winter/Spring 2021 MNCS Return to Learn Guide

If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to the Covid Coordinators team at and we will respond as soon as we are able.

We look forward to seeing our students again soon!

The MNCS Covid Coordinators Team