MNCS-Elem: Staffing our (K-6th) classrooms & potential staffing shortages

MNCS-Elem: Staffing our (K-6th) classrooms & potential staffing shortages -- Dated 11.10.20

Dear K-6th families, friends, parents: 

This letter today is targeted to our K-6th families, as we navigate our MNCS-Elem school staffing situation in the midst of this pandemic. MNCS is a "small" school, meaning our numbers of students and also our numbers of staff members are small. Currently our K-6th students are spread out physically across two "campuses" and our dedicated staff is covering twice as much ground and space, with the same number of staffers that we've had in (non-pandemic) years past.

We share this today because, as we head into the cold-and-flu season, with its usual increase in illnesses and school absences, and also with Covid-19 case numbers increasing in our surrounding communities, we feel it's important for our MNCS families to plan ahead and to understand: 

1) If multiple MNCS-Elem staff are out sick, or home with a sick child, or out for an extended period of time, your child's grade or classroom may have to "cancel in-building classes" due to lack of adequate staffing, meaning your child's class would "switch to distance-learning at-home" effective immediately;
2) This may happen quickly and without much notice; 

3) Because of this, please prepare and have your "family plan" in place should your child's class need to make a quick switch from in-person to distance-learning, for a short or for a longer period of time. 

As always, we are grateful for your continued patience and flexibility as we all navigate, together, through this unprecedented time.

The MNCS Covid-Coordinator Team