**Updated** MRTL Guide and **New!** Online Registration links

UPDATED ON SEPT 3RD, 2020 with an updated MRTL Guide (link is below)

Original post on:  Monday, August 24th, 2020

Greetings MNCS families!  With this email today, we're excited for two big things:

1)  To provide you with a copy of our  **Updated!** 2020-21 MRTL Guide -- Includes health, safety, and more!, procedures and plans that MNCS will be following this school year.

2)  To show you how to complete our **New!** ONLINE Student Registration process for the MNCS students in your family -- Check out Nick's helpful message & instructional video link below, for step-by-step instructions:


We’re excited to share that starting this fall, our registration packets have been brought online. We’re hoping this will ultimately save parents hours of time filling out redundant forms in order to keep our information current, and save us the effort of hand entering your information one student at a time, often while trying to interpret everyone’s creative handwriting. 

We will be using a new parent portal for our longtime student management system, hosted by JMC Inc. While we expect some hiccups in the process and a gentle learning curve the first time around, we believe the long term benefits will be worth it!

You can use the following link to access the MNCS JMC Parent Portal:


A short video (11 min) tutorial is available at the following link, it will help explain the process:


In order to log-in to the parent portal, you will need to set your own password:  Your 'User Name' is the last name of the primary contact person for each student. Please click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link at the bottom right of the log-in screen, you will then need to enter the primary contact last name, and the primary email address we have on file for your student. Click ‘Reset My Password’ and it will email you a password reset link shortly.

Once you’re successfully logged in, please click on the ‘Register for 2020-21’ on the left side menu, and follow the steps to complete your registration.  

If you have any questions about the process that the video is unable to answer, or are unable to log-in, please contact us either via email at:  jmc@newcountryschool.com or contact: 

Trish (Elementary) - 507-868-0071 ext 0

Nancy (Secondary/HS) - 507-248-3353 ext 0

Thank you for your patience as we roll this out,

The MNCS Staff