"Scenario #3" from MRTL for start-of-school on Aug 31st

Updated: on August 18th

Hello to all families, from your MNCS COVID Coordinators.

Based on the most recent county case data in the multiple counties in which MNCS students reside, we will be starting the school year on August 31st in "Scenario #3". 

Please refer to the MRTL Scenario Guide for details about Scenario #3 / Hybrid at MNCS. 

Expect additional MNCS handbook information related to COVID-19 later this week, which will include more detailed plans and procedures. We are confident that this forthcoming document will answer many of your COVID questions. 

Send any related questions to:  covid19@newcountryschool.com 

School website at:  www.newcountryschool.com/covid-19